Lorenzo Novani is a Glasgow-based creative known both as a magician and a dramatist. He is a member of Spotlight, Equity, and The Scottish Conjurers Association. Following successful, concurrent runs at EdFringe, Lorenzo is currently promoting and performing two completely separate and very different LIVE performance projects: ‘Cracked Tiles’ , a semi-autobiographical one-man theatre play about a scots-italian family (visit 'synopsis' page for more information) and “Poet of the Impossible”, a semi-autobiographical performance which fuses magic, mind-reading and the spoken word into a performance about dreams and imagination.

Initially, Lorenzo wanted to train as an actor but after some years performing and devising, Lorenzo discovered an insatiable passion for creating his own work and has largely spent the last five years writing, devising and performing his own material. Over these years he's drawn from various mediums; traditional theatre, site specific theatre, spoken word poetry, storytelling, sleight of hand magic, psychological magic and even performance art to some extent. There are two noteworthy gaps in his recent performing history; one, the year after his father died (Sep 2011 - Sep 2012) during which he ran his business and the other, Sep 2015- June 2016 which he spent teaching english in Florence as he finished the final draft of his first theatrical play, “Cracked Tiles”. 

Currently, he's based in Glasgow, preparing for a short run of his play, 'Cracked Tiles', as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival whilst also laying the groundwork for several other creative projects that he hopes to complete within the next year or so.

Please navigate the links below for further information. 'The 'review' section will take you to reviews on Lorenzo's theatre play, 'Cracked Tiles'. 'Tickets' will take you to a page where you can purchase tickets for his upcoming performances of 'Cracked Tiles' in Glasgow this autumn. 'Credits' will guide you to Lorenzo's Spotlight page where you can view details of his acting credits over the years and if you click on the button below, you will be directed to a separate website dedicated solely to Lorenzo's work as a professional magician and mentalist.