"an Actor and dramatist of some depth" 

The Scotsman, 2015 

"Quite simply an excellent piece of theatre"

Fringe Review, 2016 (on Cracked Tiles)


Bouquets & Brickbats, 2016 (on Cracked Tiles)

"will shock and stun"

Deadbird, 2015 (on mystic)

"A beautiful show"

Broadway Baby, 2015 (on Cracked Tiles)

"An emotional rollercoaster"

The Sun, 2015 (on Cracked Tiles)

"novani has created something impressive"

Liverpool Sound & Vision, 2016 (on Cracked Tiles)

"novani was most effective"

The List, (on This is Our Youth)

"with enormous skills novani portrays an array of characters"

The Edinburgh Guide, 2016 (on Cracked Tiles)

"A poetic storyteller...whatever he does, the audience is engrossed"

Fringe Review, 2016 (on Poet of the Impossible)






Lorenzo Novani is a writer-performer based in Scotland. His work has been produced at The West End Festival, The Scottish Mental Health Festival and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival at which Lorenzo's debut theatre play, 'Cracked Tiles', received an 'Outstanding' award as well as a Bouquets and Brickbats top monologue award. The work was subsequently invited to, and shown at, Brighton Fringe Festival in May.

To date, Lorenzo has worked with the mental health charity CALM, raising awareness of their work through his performances of 'Cracked Tiles', a play which was heavily inspired by his personal experience of seeing a loved one suffer from psychotic depression. Lorenzo has also written for The Herald on the subject of mental health.

Currently, Lorenzo is developing his second theatrical work, 'Sticks and Stones'- the story of a controversial far right group in Britain. Also, as an established professional magician and Member of The Scottish Conjurers Association, Lorenzo has also written material for the International Magic Festival which takes place every July in Edinburgh. Lorenzo's body of work actually includes several professional magic and mentalism performances including 'Poet of the Impossible'- a dream themed spoken word performance drizzled with psychological and visual illusions. The show received a 5 star review from Broadway Baby, a 'Highly Recommended' from Fringe Review and was featured in Culture Trips's top 10 spoken word picks of the EdFringe 2016.

Lorenzo is an Equity and Spotlight actor (PIN: 0930-5614-3849). He often performs his own work.



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Sticks & Stones


This is Lorenzo's current work in progress, a theatrical play inspired by the rise and fall of a far right group in Britain and their controversial leader.

A rehearsed reading of an early draft of this piece was show in Websters Theatre in Glasgow as part of Glasgow's West End Festival. It is now being prepared for a full production in 2018.

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Spoken word with magical illusion. Lorenzo weaves verbal wizardry and magic into 50 thought provoking and wonder-filled minutes that offer a glimpse of the magicians secretive mind, take you on a journey into magic’s mysterious past, and most importantly, present impossibilities that defy explanation and gravity. Full of audience involvement and moments of astonishment. The show was featured in Culture Trip's 10 Spoken Word Performances to Catch. Reviews below.


Highly recommended from Fringe Review:



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Culture Trip's 10 spoken word performances to catch:



Lorenzo's semi-autobiographical debut theatre piece, 'Cracked Tiles', focuses on a scots-italian family and their family business. Blending farcical comedy and poetic storytelling this piece weaves an extraordinary story from seemingly ordinary, everyday circumstances and delivers a powerful message about male mental health. The piece received received an "OUTSTANDING" from Fringe Review at EdFringe 2016 as well as several other five star reviews. You can find links to all reviews on ‘Cracked Tiles’ below as well as a special feature that Lorenzo wrote for The Herald Magazine about the inspiration behind the work.


Self written feature for The Herald Magazine:


5 star review from Broadway Baby:




8.5/10 from Liverpool Sound and Vision:




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Top Monologues Award from Bouquets and Brickbats:




5 star review from Bouquets and Brickbats:


https://bouquetsbrickbatsreviews.com/2016/08/27/cracked-tiles/   (5 stars)


‘Outstanding Show’ from Fringe Review:


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